Closing of Burbank Family Law Department

On April 1, 2012, the family law courtroom located in Department C of the Los Angeles Superior Court located at 300E Olive Ave, Burbank, California, 91502 was closed down. The closing of this courtroom, which was presided over by Judge R. Carlton Seaver, was due to ongoing budget cuts in California, which have hit the judicial branch especially hard.

As an attorney who frequently appeared in Burbank and before Judge Seaver, and with my office not far from this Courthouse, I will especially miss the option to have family law cases in Burbank.

All current cases will be heard at the Pasadena Courthouse, and all new filings within the former area that the Burbank family law department covered will now be filed either in Pasadena or Van Nuys. The closing of this family law courtroom and the ongoing cuts to judicial staff have increased delays in family law matters, and with further cuts expected, now is a good time to consider resolving your divorce, custody dispute, or other family law matter outside of Court to avoid the increasing logjam.

For a copy of the full notice regarding the courtroom closing, look here.


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2 Responses to Closing of Burbank Family Law Department

  1. Tim says:

    We were just in Van Nuys to file a Burbank case. One of the clerks told us to go to Burbank. We had to remind them it was closed.

  2. Joms Lee says:

    Such an incredible article you have posted. I would like to thanks for sharing this great stuff.

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