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Sam Hunt’s Wife Files For Divorce

The pregnant wife of country music star Sam Hunt, Hannah Lee Fowler, has filed for divorce. The divorce was filed in Tennessee and irreconcilable differences along with inappropriate marital conduct along with adultery as the grounds for divorce. In the … Continue reading

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My Ex-spouse is coming after my retirement long after the divorce is done, what can I do?

I had a question recently emailed to me that would be a good blog post, and it dealt with a man who wanted to know if his ex spouse could get any of his pension and 401k, when they had … Continue reading

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Can I do my own Divorce without any attorney?

Approximately 70% of divorce cases in California have at least one party who is self-represented, meaning they do not have an attorney. When you appear in a case without an attorney, you will be considered “pro per” which means you … Continue reading

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Kobe Bryant and a reminder about California’s six-month waiting period in a divorce.

An article on the Los Angeles Times website today mentions that basketball star Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa Bryant may be putting their divorce proceeding on hold to attempt to work out their marital issues and reconcile. The timing for this … Continue reading

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Closing of Burbank Family Law Department

On April 1, 2012, the family law courtroom located in Department C of the Los Angeles Superior Court located at 300E Olive Ave, Burbank, California, 91502 was closed down. The closing of this courtroom, which was presided over by Judge R. Carlton … Continue reading

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Termination of Parental Rights in California

For various reasons, there may come a time when a parent’s rights are terminated under California law. What this means is that the parent is no longer considered the minor child’s legal parent, and all rights and obligations of being a parent … Continue reading

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Getting a Move Away Order for Child Custody in California

When one parent wants to move out of the area with the minor child in a custody case, they will usually need either the consent of the other parent, or they will need a court order granting the move away … Continue reading

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Hardship Factors in Child Support case in California

A question that often arises in child support cases in California is whether or not a parent can claim a child from a different relationship as a hardship on their income when figuring in the guideline amount of support. The … Continue reading

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What is Guideline Child Support in California?

If you are involved in a child support case in California, you are going to come across the term “guideline support” frequently. What guideline support means is that child support is calculated based on a state guideline formula that is … Continue reading

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Community Property and Separate Property in California

In a California Divorce, property division is based on the concepts of community and separate property. Community property is property that was acquired during marriage by the parties, and is equally split at the time of divorce. The way to … Continue reading

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